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BNC's Logistics solutions includes PEBs/RLB, Containirized Units, and lease of vehicles and MHE Equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan.


BNC manufactures containerized units in Kabul and can deliver them fairly quickly anywhere in Afghanistan. The types of units we can provide are:

         Containerized Latrine Units

         Containerized Shower Units

         Containerized Laundry Units

         Containerized Office and Living Units


BNC can provide vehicles for lease such as:

         Single or twin cab Toyota HiLux trucks

         Toyota Hiace Vans

         Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

         Toyota Coaster busses (25 passengers)

         MHE Equipment (Forklifts, Cranes, Backhoes, etc...)

The SUVs and the Vans can be armored or non-armored.


11710 Plaza America Drive, Suite 2000, Reston, VA 20190